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  • 五源科技

    Recruitment Information

    The recruitment will be based on the principles of openness, fairness, competition and merit-based. After the applicants pass the qualification examination, the interview and assessment will be organized and the personnel will be hired on the basis of merit. Interested parties please apply for the materials by telephone to Ms. Chen 15824302500The beginning of the call is "apply for the post + name", Lou Xin13858033277The call begins with "Job Applied + Name"

    • Sales
    • hiring:10人
    • salary: 五險一金、法定節假日、包中餐
    • departments:銷售部
    • Job specification:

      Job responsibilities: 1. Find potential customers and establish prospective customer information groups; 2. Customer tracking, demand understanding, business negotiation and contract signing; 3. Complete the specified sales tasks; 4. Maintain the relationship between new and old customers; Job requirements: 1. College degree or above, major in chemical engineering, marketing, etc. 2. Rich customer resources and customer relationships, and excellent performance; 3. Strong market analysis, marketing and promotion skills, good interpersonal communication and coordination skills, and ability to analyze and solve problems. Salary and treatment: Five insurances, one gold, legal holidays, including Chinese food

      treatment:Five social insurance and housing fund, statutory holidays, Chinese food package

      other benefits:Travel, annual leave, accommodation available

      contact:Ms Chen/Lou Xin

      Tel:15824302500 / 13858033277

      Address:868 Guangming Road, Tongxiang Economic Development Zone, Zhejiang Province, China


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