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  • 五源科技

    Coating pretreatment field

    The exquisite appearance and functional requirements of metal products are the goals pursued by many customers. Household appliances, industrial appliances, automobiles, machinery, transportation and other industries are all without exception. Our products serve the machining, parts processing and painting of metal products, and form professional solutions and products with reliable performance, stable quality and powerful functions for cold-rolled steel plates, hot-rolled steel plates, galvanized plates or light metal workpieces. The applicable products are phosphating (film) agent, degreasing agent, cleaning agent, phosphorus-free and chromium-free silane treatment agent, surface conditioner, passivation sealer, paint mist coagulant, etc.

    Professional cleaning

    With the increasing demands of people on the appearance and living environment of products, the importance of professional cleaning is increasing. No matter the surface cleaning and rust prevention of metal products such as steel, aluminum and zinc; No matter the surface cleaning of glass or silicon wafer; No matter the paint cleaning of high-speed rail or ship surface, you can get professional satisfactory solutions. Our application and technology accumulation in professional cleaning field for more than 20 years can ensure stable and efficient cleaning effect, substrate protection, low comprehensive cost and excellent environmental protection effect.

    Traditional skin membrane

    Coating agent, namely phosphating product, is mainly used for corrosion protection and primer film for paint. It can be divided into 1. Phosphating film for protection is used for corrosion protection treatment of iron and steel parts. Type of phosphating film can be zinc series and manganese series. Apply antirust oil and antirust wax after phosphating. Phosphating film is used for the bottom layer of paint to increase the adhesion and protection between paint film and steel workpiece. The type of phosphating film can be zinc series or zinc calcium series. ; 3 phosphating film for lubrication. The film weight per drawing unit area of steel wire and welded steel pipe is 1-10g/m2; The film weight per unit area of precision steel pipe drawing is 4-10g/m2; The film weight per unit area in cold extrusion molding of iron and steel parts is more than 10 g/m2. Phosphating film for antifriction. Phosphating film can reduce friction. Manganese phosphating is generally used, and zinc phosphating can also be used. For workpiece with small dynamic fit clearance. 5 phosphating film for electrical insulation. Generally, zinc phosphating is used. Used for phosphating silicon wafers in motors and transformers.

    Environmental protection treatment agent

    Environmental protection treatment agent is divided into silane treatment and chromium-free conversion, which is characterized by no harmful heavy metal ions, no phosphorus and no need of heating. No slag or micro-slag, short treatment time and simple control. The treatment steps are few, the surface adjustment process can be omitted, and the bath solution can be reused. Effectively improve the adhesion of the coating house to the substrate. It can co-line treat various substrates such as iron plate, galvanized plate and aluminum plate.

    Metal coil field

    Metal coil is a product combining metallurgy and chemical industry. Because of its changeable color, portability, easy processing, superior mechanical properties and good economic benefits in production and application, it is widely used in building materials, household appliances, transportation and metal furniture industries. Commonly used substrates include cold-rolled steel coils, galvanized steel coils, aluminum coil, etc., which are coated by high-speed roller shaft and quickly cured at high temperature to form films, thus achieving certain physical and mechanical properties. Similar to the pretreatment before coating, it is necessary to pretreat the metal coil to remove grease and other adhesions on the surface of the coil and form a stable conversion film on the clean metal surface to improve the corrosion resistance of the substrate and the bonding strength of the coating. The speed of metal tape in the production line is quite fast, and the pretreatment time is much shorter than that before general coating. Both oil removal and chemical pretreatment are required to be efficient. Wuyuan Technology's products and technologies can serve various fields of metal coil industry, such as color coated steel coil, galvanized steel coil, color coated aluminum coil, aluminum coil for food packaging, etc. Available products are degreasing agent, chromizing agent, passivating agent, chromium-free conversion agent, phosphorus-free and chromium-free silane treatment agent, etc.

    Mechanical products and processing field

    When manufacturing parts by mechanical means, such as turning, milling, drilling, grinding, cutting, stamping, etc., it is necessary to clean, convert film, lubricate and rust-proof the processed parts before or after processing, so as to provide corresponding processability and protective performance for products and processing machinery. Our products can serve the mechanical processing industry: phosphating film agent for cold deformation, lubricant, degreasing agent, cleaning agent, metalworking fluid (cutting, turning, grinding, drilling, etc.), antirust water, blackening agent, dehydrated antirust oil, ultra-thin antirust oil, drawing oil, etc.

    Other treating agents

    Other treating agents include blocking agents, neutralizers, light emitting agents, passivators and multifunctional treating agents, aiming at the actual conditions of different product processes, and aiming at solving potential pretreatment problems.

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