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  • 五源科技

    Institute of Surface Functional Materials

    zhejiang pentatomic science&technology inc. will establish "zhejiang pentatomic science&technology inc. Surface Functional Material Research Institute" based on the provincial RESEARCH and development center and academician workstation, and relying on the technical support of zhejiang University and Zhejiang University of Technology and other domestic famous universities, and strive to become the key research institute of Zhejiang province within three years.

    Structure of zhejiang pentatomic science&technology inc. Surface Functional Materials Research Institute: 1 provincial RESEARCH and development center, 1 academician workstation, 1 state key laboratory, 1 State key Testing center, 1 international technical cooperation center, 1 postdoctoral workstation.

    Finally, it will become an open technology innovation platform with strong technological innovation ability, more technical personnel and excellent technological achievements in the domestic surface function material industry.

    Main Test Equipment

    At present, the institute has a standardized experiment site of 3,000 square meters, and the main test equipment is as follows:

    Major Test Items

    The main test items are as follows:

    1、 all kinds of pretreatment experiments: oil removal, rust removal, phosphating, silane, ceramic, chromium-free passivation, electrodeposition, rust prevention, etc.;

    2、Various coating experiments: powder coating, paint spraying, cathodic electrophoretic coating, etc.

    3、Impact test, T-bend test, adhesion test, neutral salt spray test, CASS salt spray test, high temperature cooking test, damp heat test, etc.

    4、Bath liquid detection: Zn, Mn, Ni, Fe, Cu, Si, Zr, K, Na, Cl, F, phosphate, nitrate plasma detection.

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