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  • 五源科技

    Wuyuan Technology was unveiled at Hannover Industrial Exhibition in Germany


    Hannover Industrial Exhibition is a large-scale international industrial exhibition today, and it is an important international activity connecting the technical and commercial fields all over the world. As an important industrial exhibition in the world, two thirds of exhibitors will release new products at Hannover Messe. Every year, the exhibition attracts about 220,000 visitors to explore the future industrial development. The world's leading industrial design, processing and manufacturing, technology application and international trade will gather in Hanover.


    From April 1 to 5, Hannover Industrial Exhibition in Germany was held at Hannover International Exhibition Center. As a total solution provider of chemicals, Wuyuan appeared in this grand event, bringing the total solution of metal surface pretreatment industry and silane treatment technology of metal surface independently developed by Wuyuan, boosting the healthy development of metal surface treatment industry.


    With the increasingly severe global environmental protection situation and the implementation of the Environmental Protection Law in China, the metal surface pretreatment industry is facing more challenges. New environmentally friendly silane products have become the choice of more enterprises. Wuyuan, as an enterprise that promoted silane technology industrialization earlier in China, has always insisted on providing customers with green, efficient and environmentally friendly silane products. For the metal surface pretreatment industry, Wuyuan provides products with the whole process chain from degreasing, surface modification to silane treatment, rust prevention, etc., which not only ensures the stable operation of the products, but also greatly reduces the use cost, reduces the environmental hazards and improves the production efficiency.


    Wuyuan has been deeply involved in the metal surface pretreatment industry for many years and actively participated in the industry grand meeting. Through this exhibition, Wuyuan has gained the attention of many Chinese and foreign merchants, and there are a lot of customers who come to Wuyuan booth to observe, learn and exchange. In addition, Wuyuan provides more competitive products for users of metal surface pretreatment industry, contributing to the vigorous development of metal surface pretreatment industry.

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