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  • 五源科技

    2019 China's first upstream and downstream industrial chain development forum for auto parts and marine coatings painting was successfully held


    On September 19-20, "2019 China (Ningbo) First Development Forum of Upstream and Downstream Industry Chain of Auto Parts and Marine Coatings Painting" was grandly held in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province. The theme of this forum is "Green Creating Profits, Manufacturing Upgrading", which discusses coating technology, equipment, raw materials and environmental protection measures. Experts and enterprise representatives from automobile parts, shipbuilding industry, environmental protection, new coating materials and coating technology in China will discuss the current development trend of automobile parts/new coating materials and coating industry and discuss the big plans together! Lu Guojian, general manager of Zhejiang Wuyuan Technology Co., Ltd., gave a keynote speech on "Progress and Application of Environmental Pretreatment Technology".


    Mr. Lu introduced the progress and application of environmental protection pretreatment technology from five aspects: "the current situation of phosphorus-free technology in China, the research and development direction of five-source phosphorus-free technology, the characteristics and control methods of phosphorus-free products, the application list of five-source silane in the whole vehicle, and five-source intelligent testing and feeding equipment". This forum was successfully held with the support of many upstream and downstream industrial chain enterprises of auto parts and marine coatings painting. Wuyuan will continue to deepen the painting pretreatment industry, cooperate with many partners to build a win-win future, and provide more and better products for the automobile industry and shipbuilding industry.

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